Non-Profit Organization Services

Optimzing Results in Non-Profits

Familiar benchmarks, guideposts, and milestones are changing in our turbulent times.  We have entered not only a new century, but a new era. Many planning strategies of the past will need to be tossed out.  It is important to create organizations for the future that achieve more.  Fast forward organizations consider not only performance, but also personnel. Today, the business, government, and social sector all speak a common language.  It is a language understood by leaders of all three sectors.  It is a language of vision, mission, health, workforce models, purposeful abandonment, and leadership recruitment, development, deployment and retention.


Managing Pain

Roundhouse Advisors has worked with non-profits with meaningful missions who thrived in good times and survived in tenuous times.  Pain comes at inconvenient moments such as when there is:

  • Retirement, replacement or resignation of the CEO
  • Severe reduction in resouces occure due to economic downturns and a new fund development strategy is critical.
  • Realization the organization has grown too big too fast
  • Inability to link the mission to the workflow
  • Revisit the mission, restate values, clarify the needs of the organization's customers, and engage in purposeful abandonment.

Managing Growth

Behind every problem there is often an opportunity.  Periodically new sources of revenue from government grants, foundation priorities, abandoned programs, etc. permit expanded services and new programs.  We look at areas untapped that will align with your organizations vision and mission.  It is important to work with your team to match new opportunities with staffing, workflow and accountability.  The focus is on those areas that can be funded and generate results.

Napolean said three things are necessary to fight a war: money, money and money.  Drucker says the non-profit needs four things, a plan, marketing, people and money.  All need to be managed to grow.


Managing Transition & Abandonment

Many organizations find themselves in transition, a neutral zone.  They need to move forward under new leadership, expanded opportunities, or in some cases purposeful abandonment of existing programs and initiatives.

The future is unclear. There is a need to unfreeze the present, shape the transformation needed, and refreeze the mission and work flow going forward. Letting go, grabbing hold, and owning the improvements and abandonments becomes necessary in order for the organization to thrive.  Unclear program designs and anticipated outcomes may need review and revision. 

RoundHouse Advisors together with your management team devise a blueprint for the alternate strategies for improvement, results and a forward focus.